About Dicks For Congress – DicksForCongress.com

Disclaimer: Please take a moment to view the information below, specifically the screenshot of our domain registration for DicksForCongress.com. We want to make very clear that this website was not launched or conceived of because of any events that have occurred in 2018. We’re normal people, and just like many of you, we have always taken issue with some of the actions of some of our elected members in Congress. Presidents are typically unpopular with at least half the country at any given time, regardless of what party. Congress on the other hand, their approval ratings have been in the figurative shitter for the last fifteen years across the board.

DicksForCongress.com is a spin-off company from the “Dicknology Lab” At BagOfDicks.com. At Bag Of Dicks, we have always received a lot of orders requesting a Bag Of Dicks to be sent to sent to various members of Congress. Sometimes people would get the address wrong, or they might send it to the wrong Congress member. So we thought, why don’t we make it easier for ourselves and our customers, and provide a better way to purchase a Bag Of Dicks for someone in Congress. So that’s what we have done.

Below you’ll see our domain registration records that indicate that we started working on this back in early 2017. Some blogs even wrote about it. 

DicksForCongress.com just happens to be going viral right around when there’s been a lot of sentiment within the United States of people being even more fed-up with Congress than ever before because of some very tragic events.

BagOfDicks.com is a prank/gag gift company. People from all walks of life, all over the USA, purchase our products and services. From cops and firefighters, to active and retired military, moms and dads for their adult kids, co-workers, to massive bachelorette parties where our 7’6″ mascot Dickie Dickerson might show up.

The point is, we’re doing this for the LOLS, not for the money. 

That’s one other important distinction of DicksForCongress as well. We’re simplifying the product and making it more affordable. Regularly you’d spend about $15.00 sending a basic Bag of Dicks to someone including shipping. With DicksForCongress, we’re dropping the price to $12.00 including shipping.

DicksForCongress.com is about allowing people to accomplish two things:

  1. You get to let a Congress member know how they feel about a particular issue in a unique way. You can include a note for the Congress member, and that note will be archived for eternity and published online. This allows for that note to be shared publicly or privately within social media. We think that this will help people vent their frustration in a way that is comical, yet still effective. It will also help you piss off that family member that you’re getting into arguments about politics with.
  2. You get to send someone in Congress, a most likely uptight political type, a BAG OF DICKS. A staffer who works for that Congress member has to open up yet another package, with yet another Bag Of Dicks. Eventually, one of these members of Congress will accidentally get photographed eating the candy dicks. That could be your dicks. I mean think about how glorious that would be?!