DicksForCongress Bumper Sticker – Object To Politics As Usual!

There Is No Better Way To Let Others Know That You Think Congress Is A Giant Bag Of Dicks Than By Supporting Richard Dicks In 2018!

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The DicksForCongress.com bumper sticker is a slick way to not only object to the absurdity and incompetence that takes place in Congress on a daily basis (both sides of the aisle) but to also bring some laughter into your life and others. Most of us grow tired of all of the political signs and campaigning heading into an election. Politicians talk a good game, but then they don’t get anything done 98% of the time.

DicksForCongress.com is all about letting Congress know that they suck at their job, all of them! 

So we’re using one of the preferred ways in which politicians love to remind us to elect them, bumper stickers, and we’re using it against them! 

It is so subtle, looking nearly identical to your average Congressional bumper sticker. It flies under the radar of everyone but adults, which makes it something that is not going to offend anyone who goes to the website, excluding the most uptight conservative types with no sense of humor.

Can you imagine being at a red light and you see this thing staring back at you?

Richard Dicks For Congress… “Dick Dicks”! Who in the hell would be cruel enough to name their child Richard Dicks?

Some of us within the company have personally been stuck at railroad crossings waiting for a train, as well as at bridges, and people have literally gotten out of their vehicles walked up to us laughing and asked where we got that hilarious bumper sticker from. It’s a great conversation starter for sure!

So What Is This Going To Cost You? It’s Just $9.99 Including Shipping Within The United States of America!

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